Summer Decorating

Interior design is a process, one that is never ending for some of us.? I am definitely in this category.? There is a continuous stream of new and exciting fabrics, wallpapers and furniture among so many other things that is hard to keep up, never mind know how to navigate our way through them and make decisions.

This month, with the sun shining, a few key things are catching my eye and making their way onto my never ending ?wish list?

Wicklewood ? born from the iconic British fabric brand Blithfield, it has a great selection of colourful, printed and woven designs in cushions, bed quilts and much more.? All distinctive and ready to use pieces, the only problem is deciding which one you like the most!

Elizabeth Eakin Fabrics ? these exquisite fabrics are beautifully made and have the ability to really transform your interiors.? The company holds a strong belief in the discipline of doing things by hand and when you see the outcome it really is hard to argue.

One.World ? I am a big fan of One.World and their Birkdale lamps are right up my street, they lend stature and impression without being dramatic, making them ideal to use in many schemes.? For the braver, a colourful shade can lend a pop of colour, even if only for when the sun shines!

If you would like any more information about any of these please feel free to contact me.

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